China CO2 Fire Extinguishing System Project

Through research on the characteristics of the rolling mill process fire, the characteristics of the CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system, the scope of protection, design principles, control functions, etc., through continuous testing, the CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system that can protect the rolling mill to the greatest extent has been developed. It has been widely used in actual engineering and has been recognized by customers
Rolling mill is the key equipment for nonferrous metal rolling. To meet the modern production requirements, the rolling speed and automation degree of rolling mills are getting higher and higher, so the value and function of rolling mills is also increasing. However,in the working environment of rolling mills, Due to the effects of highspeed friction and static electricity, coupled with oil vapor conditions, 
it is quite easy to cause fire, which directly threatens the production safety of the rolling mill.
Due to the requirements of the rolling process, a large amount of oil vapor will be generated in the production.
Once it encounters a fire source, such as heating of the moving parts, static electricity and ignition of the broken belt, it is very easy to cause a fire. Rolling mill peripheral equipment such as process lubrication station, plate filter, hydraulic station, valve block area, etc.are also those equipment that must be protected from while-firing and post-firing. 
At the same time, residual oil accumulated in the building components, rolling mill body, trenches, and smoke exhaust system can also cause fires that have serious consequences for the rolling mill and its electrical and hydraulic systems. All uncontrollable fires can cause serious damage to rolling mills, building components, roofs and other nearby equipment.
Therefore, it is very necessary to set up a sensitive and reliable CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system for the rolling mill