Chile's Newest Dairy Factory Applies ASENWARE Fire Suppression System

With an investment of more than 140 million USD, the Chile's newly-built dairy factory owns the world's most advanced technology of its kind, and it is planning to produce milk powder, cream and other dairy products.

Since dairy products are flammable, once a fire occurs, it is really easy to cause a large-scale accident. For safety reasons, monitoring the 
possibilities of fire and putting out the fire in time become highly important.

Meeting the standard specifications and the requirements, ASENWARE has provided the dairy factory with a thorough set of fire control system 
solutions, and it owns superior performance and reliable quality. The system includes the fire extinguishing system, GEC2169 and FM200 gas fire suppression system.

The FM200 are environmental-friendly, non-conductive, efficient in fire extinguishing and non-pollutive to the protected objects. It also does no harm to the ozone sphere. Because of its great features, the ASENWARE FM200 is widely used in essential places like libraries, computer rooms, electrical rooms and offshore facilities.