Laos Vientiane Telecommunication Room Fire System And Monitoring System Project

Project Location: Vientiane,Laos

Building name: GTPA building and SKY building

Main products: Fire alarm control panel AW-CFP2166-4, Smoke detector AW-CSD811, Heat detector AW-CTD821, AW-GEC2159 Automatic Gas Extinguisher Control Panel with accessories, FM200 cylinders, CCTV camera and NVR, Environment monitoring system, access control,Optical Communication

Introduction:The GTPA building is situated in Vientiane, Laos. They are in the charge of armed forces of Laos. The GTPA building covers 3 floors, and comprises dozens of rooms. The 1st floor and 2nd floor are mainly for server rooms, the 3rd floor is for monitor system.

The SKY building is the management center of Sky Telecom State Company, one of biggest telecom company in Laos.

Asenware supplied a whole design for the project, include fire alarm system, FM200 fire suppression system, CCTV and NVR, access control, environment monitoring system, and from SKY building to the GTPA building communication with optical fiber converter.

We also supplied a training for all the users.