Vietnam Hanoi Clean Water Da River FM200 Fire Suppression System Project

Project Location: Hanoi Vietnam
Building name: Clean Water Da river
Introduction: Clean Water Da river Hanoi Vietnam project  Mainly used is the fm200 system,
Asenware FM-200 Fire extinguishing system are designed for total flooding to protect high value assets,Colorless and non-toxic gas, suitable for normally occupied area, where there is any
chance of presence of human present,FM200 fire suppression is also known as HFC227ea,
FM200 is awaterless fire protection system, it is discharged into the risk within 10 seconds
and suppresses the fire immediately.
Asenware FM-200 Benefits
Use less space, save cost
Compare CO2 system,FM200 system need only small amount of agent to put out fire,
so use less cylinder
More quick to put out fire
Within 10 seconds achieved, put out fire before they cause much damage)Clean agent,
better protection room equipment
Life safety
The FM200 agent put out fire on a molecular level, low pressure, no harm to human
FM200 - How it works
N2 network pipe type FM 200 system:
1. automatic control 
2. manual control 
3. mechanical emergency start (need to be used in case of automatic system failure only ,care must be taken when operate manually.)