Smoke Detector Faulty and Solutions

Smoke Detector Faulty and Solutions

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Update time : 2022-08-11 16:38:02

A smoke detector is a fire detection device that sends a fire signal to the panel when detecting the smoke from a fire. It can be applied in companies, houses, shops, warehouses and so on.

When a smoke detector reports faulty, what are the possible problems and what are the solutions?

1.The bus input voltage of the smoke detector is not within the range required.
Solution: Check the bus input voltage of the smoke detector and make sure that the voltage is within the range required by the smoke detector.

2.The communication of the smoke detector with a fixed address fails, or the smoke detector can be logged in, but its communication is unstable
Solution: The smoke detector may be damaged. It is suggestible to replace a new one

3.If the bus of the smoke detector is unstable, it might be the following reasons:
  • The communication wires are disturbed by electromagnetic fields
Solution: Choose the installation location of the smoke detector correctly, and do the wiring reasonably 
  • Some of the smoke detectors are damaged
Solution: Check the login results of the smoke detectors to find out the faulty rules and devices
  • Poor insulation of communication wires
Solution: Check the smoke detector with an insulation resistance meter. Add a moisture-proof rubber pad to the junction box or cover box of the smoke detector

4.The smoke detector has a poor connection
  • Check the wiring of the base terminal
  • Check whether the sheet metal between the base and the smoke detector is in poor contact

5.The smoke detectors have repeated codes or their address codes are repeated
Solution: Check the repeated codes and the smoke detectors that are not logged in
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